Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Pregnancy Journey : The 16 Week Midwife Appointment

Today I had my sixteen week midwife appointment, I'm actually seventeen weeks but I couldn't make the appointment last week so arranged it for this week instead. My midwife was on holiday so I saw another two ladies instead. They took my blood pressure, had a feel of my tummy, tested my urine which was clear, had a listen to babies heartbeat with a doppler and answered any questions that I had. 

We went through my upcoming appointments, during which we discovered that my Glucose test has been missed so I need to arrange that appointment at my twenty week scan now, they should have arranged it for me at my twelve week scan but missed it. It is no biggie as it needs to be done at twenty-eight weeks so arranging it later isn't a problem. I was told that I need to remember to book my flu jab, my twenty-five week midwife appointment, my whooping cough jab and my antenatal classes (if I want them). 

I booked the flu jab straight away as that can be done whenever, I will also book the antenatal classes tomorrow. The others, however, I need to remember to book nearer the time. I pretty much forgot the dates that I needed to book them for as soon as I left the room, thankfully Google answered me. I also forgot to ask a lot of the questions that I wanted to ask. I would recommend that all expectant mothers keep a notebook so that they can jot down the questions that they want to ask at appointments and also get it out at the appointment and write all of the information that you need to remember down. They tell you a lot of information so it is very easy to forget some/all of it. For example, my midwife told me at my first appointment that I would need to take a urine sample to every midwife appointment, I completely forgot! 

I asked about my weight loss, even though people have told me it is completely normal I wanted it clarified. They agreed that this is perfectly normal and nothing at all to worry about. I mentioned the heartburn and how it makes me sick, I was told that if it does get to me I need to visit my GP who can prescribe me tablets.

I asked if I need to pay for photos at my twenty week scan and was told that I don't. At our twelve week scan we had to take pound coins as we needed to put money into a machine that only accepts pound coins, I made sure I asked in advance just so that I knew if I had to save my pound coins! 

It was so lovely to hear babies heartbeat again, I have a doppler but have never been sure if I'm picking up my own heartbeat via the placenta or the babies heartbeat. Today confirmed that I have in fact been listening to my own heartbeat! The midwife struggled to find babies heartbeat, I did panic for a while as they said the annoying reassuring thing which does anything but reassure you "if we can't find it, it isn't anything to worry about, it is completely normal." I could tell how relieved they both were when they found it! Baby is a wriggler, every time they found it baby moved pretty much straight away so we only got to listen for about ten seconds, but it was still amazing. 

As always, this is just my experience, I imagine that all midwifes are a little different and also experiences may vary dependant on location. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Pregnancy Journey : Week 16 Symptoms

The sickness is still around, I'm sick every morning without fail and other times during the day/evening when I'm suffering with heartburn. The heartburn seems to come every couple of days now. It is really getting me down, I have to keep reminding myself that sick me equals healthy baby.

The phlegm, aka pregnancy rhinitis, is still hanging around and is worse on particularly sicky days.

I have been experiencing really bad pain in my hips and lower back, I've always had joint problems in the form of lax ligaments, when you are pregnant your body releases a hormone called relaxin, which relaxes the ligaments and can make them stretch too far. Combine this with already having lax ligaments and not being able to take the tablets that I have for my problem and you have a very painful situation.

I'm having some very strange dreams lately which is actually quite entertaining for both myself and the people who make an appearance in said dreams. This is the best symptom so far!

Cravings seem to have started which is huge progress as I've not been wanting anything food or drink wise for a while, just forcing things on myself. I've been drinking a lot of Yazoo chocolate milkshake, I'm very particular in that it has to be Yazoo, I've tried a few substitutes and they just don't do it for me. I also quite fancy Coco Pops which I guess is on the same line as the chocolate milk thing. I'm hoping the milk well help with my heartburn a little. 

As for my weight, I put on one pound this week, I'm guessing this is due to my new found chocolate milkshake addiction! I've now lost a total of 9lbs during my pregnancy.

My bump at 17 weeks and 3 days.

Friday, 12 September 2014

What I Wore : Chi Chi Christyn Maxi Dress

Bag LYDC - old

I've wanted a maxi dress from Chi Chi for a while now as they are always so beautiful, I've put it off as I just can't justify the hefty price tag, I'm a short girl so have always been fully aware that I would have to spend further money having the dress taken up on top of the original price tag. When I saw the Christyn maxi dress in the sale I couldn't resist it, I'm pretty sure it was more like £40 when I bought it but it will still almost half price so it had to be mine. I paid £20 to have it taken up as it is double layer and a tricky fabric, I had five inches off in total! The dress is now the perfect length on my 5'3 height to wear with flat shoes, my fat swollen feet don't appreciate heels right now! 

I absolutely love this dress and I hate the fact that it is getting quite snug on my almost 17 weeks pregnancy belly, I think this was probably the last time I will fit into it for a while! 

The only downside for me with this dress is that the zip goes from the top down into the skirt and causes the skirt to sit a little funny on the behind. If the dress ever fits me again I am going to get the zip taken out and have this sorted out, another reason that I am glad I didn't pay full price but would happily pay £20.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Review & Giveaway : NibNibs

I was generously provided with four tubs of NibNibs so that I could share my thoughts with you guys. 

NibNibs are a quality, British snack. Spencer and I trialled the salt and pepper peanuts, the cheddar cheese straws, the cheddar and spicy chilli straws and cheddar and cheeky onion straws, all of which were very delicious and more-ish. 

Enter below for a chance to win a selection of NibNibs, visit the website here to find local stockists or buy online. 

Please note that the giveaway prize is not provided by me personally and I will therefore take no responsibility for missing prizes.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Pregnancy Journey : Symptoms Weeks 14 & 15

The sickness is unfortunately still hanging around. I'm sick every morning without fail and am also sick some evenings, usually when suffering with heartburn. I'm struggling with eating once again, there really aren't many foods that I fancy eating at all so I'm just having to force food down me. I have a midwife appointment next week so am going to mention my unhealthy relationship with food to her.

The phlegm, aka pregnancy rhinitis, is still hanging around. 

My skin is starting to clear up, the dryness is pretty much under control now and my spots are slowly fading. 

The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome seems to have stopped for now. 

As for my weight, I have now lost a total of ten pounds - my trousers are now hanging off me but my bump is most definitely growing! 

My bump and HMS Duncan at 16 weeks and 1 day.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tour : The Revamped Marks & Spencer at Culverhouse Cross

Earlier this evening Spencer and I went along to the newly revamped Marks and Spencer store at Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff. The store has undergone some major changes and is now host to the the largest M&S home range in South Wales, a cafe with over 230 seats indoors & outside seating, a Tasting Kitchen and very impressive fashion departments. 

Being a huge fan of home d├ęcor I couldn't wait to check out their huge home range, and it really didn't disappoint. They have a lot of different collections which are all very on trend and stylish. 

We were given a tour of the newly designed menswear section, both Spencer and I were very impressed with the layout which is perfect for the man who knows what he wants and doesn't want to browse to find it. It is laid out in a simple way which showcases the range of clothes on offer and flows nicely whilst offering a spacious, relaxed shopping environment.

The store officially relaunches tomorrow, 03 September 2014.

I was generously provided with a goody bag, which again shows off some of the range of items available in store, including lovely baby items! 

Thank you Marks & Spencer and Grayling for inviting me along and for the very thoughtful gifts.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Event : Lush Cardiff Summer Blogger Event

On Wednesday evening I was lucky enough to be invited along to Lush Cardiff to be introduced to some Summer essentials including their brand new sun care range. Before the event began I of course had to take a few photos, Lush is such a nice place to take photos, everything is so pretty! 

We were split into groups and taken to different stations to preview a product range. Waterloo Tea Gardens were also waiting for us at each station with a tea and cake to compliment each other. Unfortunately I had severe heartburn this evening (pregnancy joys) so didn't sample much. I couldn't resist trying the chocolate and salted caramel cake which was absolutely beautiful. 

The first station that I visited was the sun care station. Now I have serious baby brain going on at the moment so am struggling to remember everything that we were told on the evening but I do remember that there were some very interesting products in the sun care range. The ones that stuck out to me the most were the Powdered Sunshine and the Sunblock. The Powdered Sunshine has an SPF 15 and is sprinkled onto the skin then rubbed in, I always come back from holidays with a sunburnt scalp so this product will be ideal to sprinkle into my hair and protect my scalp. The Sunblock is literally a block which you apply in the shower, this has an SPF 30, I am particularly fond of this because of the fact that you apply it in the shower, I am a lot less likely to forget about applying my protection if I can do it when I shower. 

The next station was the self-preserving range. You may well recognise some of these products as they are long time favourites of many. These products have now been changed slightly to make them self-preserving by taking out the preservatives and adding substitutions such as honey. The products are still as great as ever, some even better - Charity Pot I'm talking about you, it smells so much better now with a gorgeous floral fragrance. You can read more about the self-preserving range here.

The third and final station was the perfume station. I love the packaging of the perfumes but to be honest I'm not a huge fan of the majority of the fragrances. My favourite of the lot is Vanilla, this is something that I would wear.

I couldn't resist a few purchases as my skin really isn't great since becoming pregnant. My skin has gone from being very oily to being a little bit oily with severe dry patches and very bad acne so I decided to treat myself to a face mask. I was recommended Cosmetic Warrior which contains garlic (!), I used it for the first time today and my skin looked instantly brighter and felt instantly softer. I also decided to purchase the Dream Cream as the skin on my legs is dry and flaky at the moment, this is recommended for people with eczema so will hopefully blitz my dry skin woes. The rest of the products were kindly given to us in our goody bags - thank you to Lush Cardiff and Waterloo Tea for a lovely evening and the generous goodies!