Monday, 20 October 2014

22 Week Pregnancy Update

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've been suffering a lot with heartburn which has been making me sick and just not in the mood for sitting at a computer. A few things have happened since my last update so make yourself comfortable! 

With regard to my symptoms things are a lot better nowadays. I wasn't sick today or yesterday, I'm not convinced that the sickness every morning wasn't related to acid, if that is the case hopefully taking my Omeprazole reflux tablets will mean that the sickness is no more. My hips are still very painful, the Doctor diagnosed this as hip bursitis at my appointment on Friday, however after talking to two of my friends who have experienced Pelvic Girdle Pain both them and me are convinced that this is what I have and the Doc is wrong, my one friend currently suffering from it is due in two weeks so once she has had the baby I am going to try using her support belt to see if it helps. The stitch is also still very bad when walking and is getting me down a bit. 

I think I've started feeling baby move, though I'm not totally sure. I have a lot of flutters which feel a lot like wind, but I don't seem to have that much wind so I'm guessing that it is baby moving about! 

I had put on two pounds when I weighed this morning and one pound last week, my total weight change so far is now minus five pounds.

The twenty week scan was amazing, as expected I caved and asked to find out the sex and .... baby had their legs closed tight together so they couldn't tell us! I'm a great believer in fate and think I was meant to have my surprise after all. 

The photo on the left is me at 21 weeks + 2, I'm having to wear nighties as PJ tops now because all of my PJ tops are too short for me! The photo on the right is me at 21 weeks + 6 showing off my lovely new maternity dress from New Look. I've never been able to wear tight fitting dresses due to having a large tummy, I'm now making the most of having an excuse to have a large tummy by wearing tight dresses. I really do need to start taking some outfit photos to show you my maternity clothes. 

I am absolutely, totally in love with these tablets. I have been taking them since Friday and haven't had heartburn since *touches wood*. Amazing.

I really need to give in and get myself a maternity coat, my current coat is often popping open. New Look have emailed me a £10 discount voucher as I haven't shopped on-line for a while so I think I'll use that against a maternity coat from there.

My appetite is most definitely back and with that comes my need for chocolate, this particular chocolate was amazing \\ I treated myself to some Lush festive goodies and had a lovely bath yesterday \\ My mother-in-law bought us the cutest little baby grows \\ I went to watch Calamity Jane in Cardiff on Saturday which was great, we even got to meet Tom Lister at the stage door *swoon*, this is me and my friend Claire with him, Claire is also pregnant and actually due in two weeks time, so exciting! Claire can get the practice in and then come and help me when I  have mine in February and she is in expert! 

After talking to my mother yesterday I discovered that there seems to be a bit of a running theme in my family with Wales playing France in the Six Nations on major events, our baby is due the week before Wales play France in the Six Nations. Wales played France the day my mam & dad got married and won, the day I was born and won, the day Gracie (my sister's daughter) was born and lost. I now have a feeling baby will be arriving a week late! 

Monday, 13 October 2014

Home : Getting Autumn Ready with George Home

Now that we are well into Autumn I figured it was time to add some cosy, warm additions to my living room. George Home currently stock a great selection of Autumnal pieces at bargain prices with something for everyone including both the mustard & grey trend and the stag trend.

Simply adding these pieces to a corner of my living room has transformed the room from bright and cheerful to warm and cosy. I now spend many an evening with all the lights off bar the home lamp, candles lit and myself curled up under the thick, soft throw. Perfection. 

Monday, 6 October 2014

Pregnancy Journey : Week 19 Symptoms & Update

I'm still being sick every morning, this is just part of my routine now so doesn't really bother me too much. The heartburn is rearing its ugly head now and again, when it does I know about it, it even burns to drink water during a bad episode. The hip pain has been getting me down, we had a year end in work which meant a lot of standing up filing things away, I was in so much pain by the end of the day, I pretty much had to spend the whole weekend in bed to rest. 

Changes this week are that I'm now eating properly and am actually getting very hungry at times which is great because up to now I haven't really fancied food, I've just had to force it down. I've started to get a stitch if I walk too fast, I've Googled this and it seems to be a pretty normal thing during pregnancy, I've written it down to mention to the midwife at my next appointment just in case. I've also been experiencing several heart palpations, again, Google tells me this normal but I will check.

My weight has stayed the same so my total weight change so far is minus eight pounds. 

We have our twenty week scan tomorrow and I am so excited to see baby again! I've always said that I didn't want to know the gender, Spencer wanted to find out originally but I managed to convince him that a surprise was the way to go. I'm now changing my mind and wanting to know the gender but it turns out that I convinced Spencer a little too well as he now won't budge. Quite annoying and I am determined to get my own way haha! 

This is my bump at twenty weeks and one day, I can't believe that we're halfway through now, it is rather scary! 

I collected our second Bounty pack yesterday, my midwife gave us the first Bounty pack when we first met her, inside that was a voucher for this one. We decided to collect it from Asda as you get extra samples if you do, those samples were the cutest Winnie the Pooh bibs.

Our bathroom renovation is pretty much finished now. We did want to replace the floor and tiles but with baby coming we have just replaced the bathroom furniture. All that needs doing now is a new panel on the side of the bath and to accessorise it. I can't decide whether to go for a floral Cath Kidston-esque theme or a nautical theme.

I celebrated eating properly again with this delicious takeaway (Spencer had half, I'm not eating quite that much!). I received some lovely goodies from George Home which I will blog about shortly. I went into Primark for a pair of shoes and left with two bags, whoops.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Gender Neutral Baby Shower & Gift Idea

Before you go saying "baby shower already, she hasn't even had her 20 week scan yet" don't panic, it wasn't my baby shower, on Sunday I hosted a surprise baby shower for my friend who is due to give birth in November. She hasn't found out the sex so we had to keep the shower neutral, I know yellow and grey are the 'in' gender neutral colours at the moment but I personally don't think that you can beat a nice mix of baby pink and blue. 

My friends and I have a baby shower box that we keep decorations and games in and pass along for the next baby shower, we have had a lot of use from the box and it saves us a fortune in buying decorations each time. I decided to add this gorgeous set of mini milk bottles and the rambling rose paper straws from dotcomgiftshop to my decorations. I simply added milk and a splash of pink/blue food colouring to the bottles (I added the food colouring to the milk in a jug before splitting it between the bottles so that the colour was the same in each).

There was a lot more food than this, instead of people chipping in for the shower I asked everyone to bring some buffet food along to take the pressure off me, we had loads! 

As is tradition at a baby shower I bought a little gift. I opted for a scrap book and possibly the cutest bib that I have ever seen, this was a last minute addition that I spotted in the local newsagents and couldn't resist. 

I bought this scrapbook from eBay for £15.95 along with this baby themed washi tape from eBay for £3.45.

The scrapbook did come with the option to be personalised, as the baby hasn't been born so we don't have a name or sex I decided to keep it as it was. I decided to get a scrapbook as I think that it will be the perfect way of recording memories. You can stick photos, hospital bands, everything and anything into it using the pretty washi tape. There is also the option to write directly into the book and also stamp the babies hand/foot prints directly into the book. 

I really hope that Claire & Phil enjoy recording their baby memories in the scrap book! 

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Pregnancy Journey : Week 18 Symptoms & Update

Not a lot of change in the symptoms again, the heartburn seems to be occurring less frequently which is great. I'm still being sick every morning and my hips are still hurting a lot. The pillow that I showed you last week does seem to ease the pain a little during the night which is a huge relief as I can actually get a decent night's sleep now. 

I had my flu jab last week which was fine, it hurt a little and my arm ached that day and the next but other than that it was fine, thankfully I didn't experience any flu like symptoms afterwards.

As for my weight I have gained one pound this week which brings my total pregnancy weight change to minus eight pounds.

I've been struggling to find maternity clothes in stores, most seem to stock it on-line only which is annoying as I'm not really a fan of clothes shopping on-line. I popped into my local New Look on my dinner hour one day and was shocked to see that they actually stock a decent maternity range, it was such a shock as New Look in Cardiff don't stock any! This is one of those NL maternity tops taken at 18 weeks and 6 days.

I've realised that I really need to start clearing things out before this baby comes along, I am going to loose a lot of my storage space as the spare room currently holds my cosmetics stash which is huge, this will need to be the nursery so things have to change. One of the small things that I have started to do is empty my perfume sample box, I am not buying any more perfume until this box is empty. It is actually working out quite well as I am keeping a list of the perfumes that I like and will quite possibly distribute said list at Christmas time.

Other goings on have been : hosting a surprise baby shower for my friend who is also pregnant, full post to come on that shortly. Another of my friends bought me this lovely card to congratulate myself and Spencer, I didn't even know you could get mum-to-be cards! We've finally received our third Meerkat, Aleksandr himself! 

Monday, 29 September 2014

Review : NSpa Mum to Be Blooming Gorgeous Gift Set

When I received an email asking if I would like to try a product from NSpa's Mum To Be Range I could not say no. NSpa create luxury cruelty free spa products at affordable prices. All of their products are paraben free and suitable for all skin types. 

I received the NSPA Mum To Be Blooming Gorgeous gift set* which contains bump butter, stretch mark oil and bath & shower creme. This set is available from Asda for the bargain price of £6.

Despite being small sizes the bump butter and stretch mark oil will last quite a while as you only need to use a small bit at a time. I tend to use my oil morning and night and the butter straight after my shower/bath. My stomach has never felt so moisturised. I haven't had any new stretch marks since using this combination but that could be a coincidence. 

I highly recommend this gift set and think that it would make a perfect gift for any mum to be, a great idea if you have a baby shower on the horizon. 

You can read more about the NSPA Mum To Be Range here.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Pregnancy Journey : Week 17 Symptoms & Update

My symptoms are pretty much exactly the same as last week, I'm still being sick every morning but am definitely starting to feel more like me which is great. I'm still not the most energetic but there is definitely more life in me than there was. I had my 16 week midwife appointment last week, you can read about that here.

Due to the fact that my symptoms seem to be easing up a lot and I have more energy to compile a post I'm going to turn these weekly posts into updates, similar to my previous week in photos posts but more pregnancy focused and they won't be on a set day as they previously were, they will be when I have the energy to sit down and do them!

My bump at 18 weeks and 2 days.

We had plans of saving up for a lovely new bathroom with new flooring and new floor to ceiling tiles. With baby coming along we decided just to do half a job and replace the bath, sink and toilet leaving the rest. A few tiles have been damaged in the process so we're just placing a waterproof tile effect plastic panel there for the time being as we can't afford to re-tile the whole bathroom. As the fitting is a DIY job the progress is slow but we are definitely getting there.

We didn't plan to buy any baby goodies until after the 20 week scan, but we could not resist this bargain. We managed to get a Silver Cross pram complete with new born attachment, rain covers, baby changing bag and cosy toes for £55 from the local charity shop, we really couldn't leave it there at that price! 

As both of my parents are diabetic I need to have the test for pregnancy diabetes, my appointment letter came through the other day. I am absolutely dreading the boredom of sitting around in between tests for two hours. I must remember to take a book.

I've been trailing this lovely set which I will be reviewing shortly. I bought these mum to be pillows from Argos in the quest for a better night sleep. I really hope they help! 

I've also just upgraded my phone, no more iPhone for me, I decided it was time for a change so opted for the LG G3, so far I am loving it. All of the photos in this post were taken with the phone.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Pregnancy Journey : The 16 Week Midwife Appointment

Today I had my sixteen week midwife appointment, I'm actually seventeen weeks but I couldn't make the appointment last week so arranged it for this week instead. My midwife was on holiday so I saw another two ladies instead. They took my blood pressure, had a feel of my tummy, tested my urine which was clear, had a listen to babies heartbeat with a doppler and answered any questions that I had. 

We went through my upcoming appointments, during which we discovered that my Glucose test has been missed so I need to arrange that appointment at my twenty week scan now, they should have arranged it for me at my twelve week scan but missed it. It is no biggie as it needs to be done at twenty-eight weeks so arranging it later isn't a problem. I was told that I need to remember to book my flu jab, my twenty-five week midwife appointment, my whooping cough jab and my antenatal classes (if I want them). 

I booked the flu jab straight away as that can be done whenever, I will also book the antenatal classes tomorrow. The others, however, I need to remember to book nearer the time. I pretty much forgot the dates that I needed to book them for as soon as I left the room, thankfully Google answered me. I also forgot to ask a lot of the questions that I wanted to ask. I would recommend that all expectant mothers keep a notebook so that they can jot down the questions that they want to ask at appointments and also get it out at the appointment and write all of the information that you need to remember down. They tell you a lot of information so it is very easy to forget some/all of it. For example, my midwife told me at my first appointment that I would need to take a urine sample to every midwife appointment, I completely forgot! 

I asked about my weight loss, even though people have told me it is completely normal I wanted it clarified. They agreed that this is perfectly normal and nothing at all to worry about. I mentioned the heartburn and how it makes me sick, I was told that if it does get to me I need to visit my GP who can prescribe me tablets.

I asked if I need to pay for photos at my twenty week scan and was told that I don't. At our twelve week scan we had to take pound coins as we needed to put money into a machine that only accepts pound coins, I made sure I asked in advance just so that I knew if I had to save my pound coins! 

It was so lovely to hear babies heartbeat again, I have a doppler but have never been sure if I'm picking up my own heartbeat via the placenta or the babies heartbeat. Today confirmed that I have in fact been listening to my own heartbeat! The midwife struggled to find babies heartbeat, I did panic for a while as they said the annoying reassuring thing which does anything but reassure you "if we can't find it, it isn't anything to worry about, it is completely normal." I could tell how relieved they both were when they found it! Baby is a wriggler, every time they found it baby moved pretty much straight away so we only got to listen for about ten seconds, but it was still amazing. 

As always, this is just my experience, I imagine that all midwifes are a little different and also experiences may vary dependant on location. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Pregnancy Journey : Week 16 Symptoms

The sickness is still around, I'm sick every morning without fail and other times during the day/evening when I'm suffering with heartburn. The heartburn seems to come every couple of days now. It is really getting me down, I have to keep reminding myself that sick me equals healthy baby.

The phlegm, aka pregnancy rhinitis, is still hanging around and is worse on particularly sicky days.

I have been experiencing really bad pain in my hips and lower back, I've always had joint problems in the form of lax ligaments, when you are pregnant your body releases a hormone called relaxin, which relaxes the ligaments and can make them stretch too far. Combine this with already having lax ligaments and not being able to take the tablets that I have for my problem and you have a very painful situation.

I'm having some very strange dreams lately which is actually quite entertaining for both myself and the people who make an appearance in said dreams. This is the best symptom so far!

Cravings seem to have started which is huge progress as I've not been wanting anything food or drink wise for a while, just forcing things on myself. I've been drinking a lot of Yazoo chocolate milkshake, I'm very particular in that it has to be Yazoo, I've tried a few substitutes and they just don't do it for me. I also quite fancy Coco Pops which I guess is on the same line as the chocolate milk thing. I'm hoping the milk well help with my heartburn a little. 

As for my weight, I put on one pound this week, I'm guessing this is due to my new found chocolate milkshake addiction! I've now lost a total of 9lbs during my pregnancy.

My bump at 17 weeks and 3 days.